Day of Action for Road Safety

Vision Zero's World Day of Remembrance on Nov. 18th, 2018 was incredibly impactful. 

What's next? Whether you've participated in the last three years of World Day of Remembrance actions in Boston, or you're new to this community, our upcoming Day of Action gives you an opportunity to make an impact. When we turn our grief and anger into action, our voices have power and we can collectively make change happen.

Please join us for a Day of Action at the State House in January. We'll go door-to-door and ask our representatives and senators to co-sponsor three traffic safety bills. These bills will save lives, reduce injuries, and bring us closer to Vision Zero. Read more about these bills below.

Event Details:
Day of Action at the State House
Wednesday, January 23, 2019, 9:00am to 1:00pm
@ Massachusetts State House

Traffic Safety Bills

1. Hands-free -- this bill will improve the current law against texting-while-driving, which is difficult for officers to enforce, by requiring any use of mobile devices while driving to be hands-free. 

2. Automated enforcement – this bill will allow red light cameras and speed cameras to be placed in certain locations in the Commonwealth. When enacted in other states, automated enforcement has reduced speeding and serious crashes. 

3. Truck side guards -- this bill will require trucks in Massachusetts to be outfitted with frame panels to prevent vulnerable road users, including people walking and biking, from going under a truck during a collision. 

More details will be posted in early January.

For more information, please email: Emily Stein, Safe Roads Alliance

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