Action Plan Recommendations to the City of Boston

Presented November 9, 2015

To: City of Boston Vision Zero Task Force
From: Massachusetts Vision Zero Coalition

The Massachusetts Vision Zero Coalition offers the recommendations below to the City of Boston for the implementation of a comprehensive Vision Zero Action Plan:


  • Prioritize dangerous zones in under-resourced communities. Focus our limited safety funding on improvements and engineering near schools and in historically underserved communities, starting with High Crash Corridors and our most dangerous intersections.
  • Ensure that enforcement measures do not disproportionately impact minority and marginalized communities. 


  • Establish and publicly announce an official City policy to not use the word “accident” in any reference to roadway crashes. This would include the Transportation and Police Departments and is similar to policies announced in New York City and San Francisco.  
  • Expand and reorganize the current city task force to include more areas of work. This would involve more people and also expand the power, publicity, and reach of the Task Force. Portland, OR, for example, added a public engagement committee and program committee.

Thank you for your commitment. We are excited to work with you on an action plan.


Massachusetts Vision Zero Coalition

  • WalkBoston
  • TransitMatters
  • Safe Roads Alliance
  • MassBike
  • LivableStreets Alliance
  • DotBike
  • Boston Cyclists Union