Launched by Mayor Joseph Curtatone in September 2017, Vision Zero Somerville reaffirms the City's commitment to multi-modal road safety. The initiative takes a multi-department, data-driven approach to improving safety for all road users, whether on bicycles or on foot, in vehicles, or aboard public transit.

A logo for Vision Zero Somerville
Somerville mayor Joe Curtatone sits in a office chair, looking like he's explaining something. Behind him is a large screen with a chart.
A two-way street in Somerville, with parking and bike lanes on both sides. A cyclist approaches on the left side of the road and another one, holding several reusable shopping bags on their handlebars, bikes away from the camera on the right.


  • Increased road safety awareness across municipal government departments
  • Lowered speed limits citywide, with the additional goal of adding 65 new 20 mph safety zones near schools, senior centers, hospitals, and parks
  • Improved infrastructure, including:
    • Parking-protected bike lanes on Washington Street
    • A mid-block crosswalk and flashing beacon at Union Square
    • A separated bike lane being added to Beacon Street during its reconstruction


Somerville's Vision Zero work will need to center around aligning their transportation systems with other community-driven priorities, and continuing to advocate for Vision Zero within the context of large state-led projects like the Green Line Extension.

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