Launched by Mayor Joseph Curtatone in September 2017, Vision Zero Somerville reaffirms the City's commitment to multi-modal road safety. The initiative takes a multi-department, data-driven approach to improving safety for all road users, whether on bicycles or on foot, in vehicles, or aboard public transit.

A logo for Vision Zero Somerville


  • Increased road safety awareness across municipal government departments
  • Lowered speed limits citywide, with the additional goal of adding 65 new 20 mph safety zones near schools, senior centers, hospitals, and parks
  • Improved infrastructure, including:
    • Parking-protected bike lanes on Washington Street
    • A mid-block crosswalk and flashing beacon at Union Square
    • A separated bike lane being added to Beacon Street during its reconstruction
Somerville mayor Joe Curtatone sits in a office chair, looking like he's explaining something. Behind him is a large screen with a chart.


Somerville's Vision Zero work will need to center around aligning their transportation systems with other community-driven priorities, and continuing to advocate for Vision Zero within the context of large state-led projects like the Green Line Extension.

A two-way street in Somerville, with parking and bike lanes on both sides. A cyclist approaches on the left side of the road and another one, holding several reusable shopping bags on their handlebars, bikes away from the camera on the right.

What's Next

Somerville is using data-driven technical planning and community input to create a plan of one-, three-, and five-year actionable goals around engineering, education, and enforcement efforts. They will release their first Action Plan in 2020.

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