World Day of Remembrance

A crowd of people, many of whom are wearing yellow scarves or flourescent yellow vests, stand crowded around the steps of the Massachusetts State House in Boston. A woman with curly brown hair and a black jacket stands at the top of the steps and reads from something she is holding. Directly in front of the camera is the back of someone wearing a down coat and a yellow safety vest and holding a yellow bike helmet behind their back.

World Day of Remembrance is an annual international event during which we gather as a community to reflect upon those we've lost and commit ourselves to improving our roads. 

Last year, World Day of Remembrance was on Sunday, November 21st, 2021, and the MA Vision Zero Coalition turned our attention to the State House. 

On Sunday morning, members of the Coalition lay down over 4,000 yellow blossoms on the steps of the State House -- one blossom to represent each life impacted by a fatal or serious traffic crash in 2020 and 2021. The memorial was there throughout the day for people to lay down their own flowers.  

The Coalition also encouraged our legislators to take action that could save lives, and sent a letter to members of the legislature demanding action on legislation that could drastically improve traffic safety.

Though we didn't host our usual gathering and vigil last year, people could join with us by doing one of the following actions: 

  1. Stopping by our memorial display at the State House on Sunday, November 21st.
  2. Looking up at any of the following structures on Sunday night that will be lit up in yellow: Zakim Bridge, Longfellow Bridge, Burns Memorial Bridge, Fore River Bridge, Boston City Hall, and Government Center MBTA Station.
  3. Attending a vigil organized by Springfield advocates to honor members of the community who have been lost to traffic violence in 2021. There was also a vigil in Brookline on Sunday 11/21 for Patricia "Patty" Arellano at 11:23 AM at the intersection of Downing Road and Washington Street. Anyone could hold their own small vigil in their town or city to honor those who have been lost to traffic violence.
  4. Sending a letter to the MA Legislature calling on them to take action on important road safety legislation. 

We hope you will join us on future World Days of Remembrance to honor those injured or killed on roads across Massachusetts, and call for action from your elected officials.

Have you been impacted by traffic violence? View our resources, and hear other’s stories and consider sharing your own. 

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