World Day of Remembrance

Vision Zero's World Day of Remembrance on Nov. 18th, 2018 was incredibly impactful. World Day of Remembrance is an annual, international event during which we gather as a community to reflect upon those we've lost and commit ourselves to improving our roads. Between the Ghost Bike Dedication Ceremony, the Vigil at the State House and the action at City Hall, over 200 people turned out to remember loved ones and to recognize the hundreds of people killed in traffic crashes across the state each year.   

What's next? Learn how you can continue to make an impact by joining us for a Day of Action for Road Safety in January. 

Check out photos from the Ghost Bike Dedication Ceremony for Meng Jin, the Vigil at the State House, and the demonstration at City Hall here and here. Press coverage can be found below. 

Press coverage of Ghost Bike Dedication Ceremony and Vigil:

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