The Massachusetts Vision Zero Coalition is committed to seeing the cities of Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, and all of Massachusetts accomplish Vision Zero. As other municipalities adopt Vision Zero, the Coalition recommends coordination and collaboration between Boston and its fellow cities - to share best practices, address shared corridors, and lobby the Commonwealth for increased funding, resources, and administrative support.

Here's a look at how we've helped turn commitment into action by advising and challenging our political leaders and policy makers:


  • Lowered speed limit from 30 to 25 MPH (Passed 2016)
  • Duck Boat Bill (Passed 2016)
  • Hands-free bill (Passed 2019)

Our role: We worked with our legislative allies, partnered with friends and family of victims, and organized advocates to rally for a Day of Action for Road Safety at the MA State House in January 2019.

Letter Supporting Speed Limit Reductions - June 27, 2016 pdf_image.png

Letter Supporting Sight-Seeing Vehicle Safety Measures - July 6, 2016 pdf_image.png

Letter Supporting the Hands-free Bill - December 12, 2017


Our role: The Coalition released the third annual City of Boston Progress Report, successfully winning the creation of a traffic data analyst position in the Boston Police Department.

Leaders Must Make Safer Streets a Priority - Boston Globe, September 1, 2016 pdf_image.png


  • Mass Ave (Boston & Cambridge)
  • Craigie Bridge (MassDOT, 2019)
  • Longfellow Bridge (MassDOT, 2018)

Our role: As a coalition, we provided feedback to the cities of Boston and Cambridge on their designs for Mass Ave improvements. We bolstered support on both sides of the river, getting people out to critical public meetings.

Coalition Recommendations to the City of Boston - November 9, 2015 pdf_image.png


  • $5 million increase for Vision Zero funding in 2018 (Boston)
  • Commitment to hire additional Vision Zero staff in 2018 (Boston)
  • Commitment to hire a traffic data analyst in 2019 (Boston)

Our role: By increasing public pressure on City Hall we helped to win a budget boost that will help to greatly expand the City’s ability to more rapidly implement dozens of critical street and transit projects.

Fiscal Year 2018 Budget: Letter to the Boston City Council

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