Chestnut Hill Ave and Winship St, Brighton

On January 7th, 2016, a person (possibly out for a run) around 11PM was hit and seriously injured while crossing at Chestnut Hill Ave and Winship Street. The Vision Zero Task Force visited the crash location on January 14th to make recommendations for any short and long term changes to the area that could improve safety.

Date of Crash
1/7/2016, 11:00PM 

Date of Site Visit 

Chestnut Hill Ave and Winship St, Brighton

News coverage 
UniversalHub - "Jogger injured in Brighton crash"
NECN - "Pedestrian seriously injured after being struck by car"

Present at Site Visit
Boston Transportation Department - Planning  
Boston Public Health Commission  

Photos from Site Visit 
IMG_4081.jpg IMG_4082.jpg IMG_4083.jpg      

This is a very wide intersection - the road is currently designed to allow a person driving north on Chestnut Hill Ave to go straight onto Winship St, or bear left to continue on Chestnut Hill Ave toward Washington Street without slowing down or signaling. As a result, turn signals are rarely used to turn onto Winship St. Additionally, there is no crosswalk across Winship Street, which is the desire line for people continuing to walk along Chestnut Hill Ave.

Short term:

  • Create a bump out with paint and flex posts to tighten the turning radius onto Winship. This will slow vehicles turning onto Winship & give an indication to the driver that he/she should signal when going from Chestnut Hill Ave onto Winship Street.
  • Bump out will have added benefit of shortening crossing distance. Paint a crosswalk across Winship Street to the pedestrian island and bus stops to follow desire line of people walking along Chestnut Hill Ave. 

Longer term:

  • Make bump out changes permanent; consider creating a pocket park or adding green space to formalize the spot as a space for people like Irving St in Cambridge.

Improvements Completed 
As of 6/10/16, no changes have been made. Please send us photos/comments when you see changes so this page remains accurate.