Day of Action for Road Safety


The Day of Action at the State House on January 23, 2019 was incredibly impactful.

Over 150 legislators, agency leaders, and advocates turned out to hear opening remarks from Governor Baker followed by a powerful program featuring elected officials, industry leaders, healthcare providers, and loved ones of those who were killed by traffic crashes.

Afterwards, constituents went door-to-door to ask their representatives and senators to support three key traffic safety bills. This legislation will save lives, reduce injuries, and bring us closer to Vision Zero. Read more about these bills below.

What's next? We're seeking cosponsors for the following legislation before the February 1st deadline. Please consider reaching out to your state representative and senator and asking for their support. Click here for a script to use and to locate your local legislators. When we turn our grief and anger into action, our voices have power and we can collectively make change happen.

Priorities for Traffic Safety Legislation:

  1. Hands-free -- this bill will improve the current law against texting-while-driving, which is difficult for officers to enforce, by requiring any use of mobile devices while driving to be hands-free. Learn more here
  2. An Act to reduce traffic fatalities -- this bill would achieve several traffic safety goals including equipping state-contracted trucks with safety side guards, setting a safe passing distance of at least three feet, lowering speed limits on state roads, and more. Learn more here.
  3. Automated enforcement -- this bill will allow red light cameras and speed cameras to be placed in certain locations in the Commonwealth by local option. When enacted in other states, automated enforcement has reduced speeding and serious crashes. Learn more here

Press Coverage of the Day of Action:

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