Massachusetts Pedestrian and Bicyclist Fatalities Map

This map outlines pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities across Massachusetts from 2016 through the present (the map was last updated on October 26, 2020). Blue pins represent 2016-2020 pedestrian fatalities to date, and orange pins represent 2016-2020 bicyclist fatalities to date. 

  Pedestrian Fatalities Bicyclist Fatalities
2016 78 10
2017 82 10
2018 71 6
2019 78 6
2020 (to date) 36 8

This crash fatality list is compiled manually via news and social media alerts in order to give communities more information to help push for safer streets.

Pedestrian information is collected by WalkBoston. Please send any info/updates you may have to Brendan Kearney at Learn more about Walk Boston at and follow them on Twitter @WalkBoston.

Bicyclist information is collected by the Massachusetts Bike Coalition. Please send any info/updates you may have to Tom Francis at Learn more about MassBike at and follow them on Twitter @MassBike.

For information about traffic crashes resulting in serious injury or fatality in Boston, please visit this map that the City of Boston maintains. For more information about crashes statewide, visit MassDOT's crash data portal. 

CrashNotAccident.jpegCrashes are not accidents - they're the tragic, preventable results of inadequate planning and policy. People make mistakes; our streets must be designed so those mistakes are not fatal. Please utilize the resources below to learn more and educate others about traffic crashes: