Dorchester Ave & Harbor View, Dorchester

A man was struck and killed by a plow truck on Sunday, January 24th, 2016 at 11:18AM by the corner of Dorchester Ave and Harbor View St. The Vision Zero Task Force visited the crash location on February 5th to make recommendations for any short and long term changes to the area that could improve safety. While the victim was not identified in articles about the crash, a mass card for Nicholas Tammaro, 66, was left at a memorial on the corner. 

Date of Crash
1/24/2016, approx. 11:18AM 

Date of Site Visit 

Dorchester Ave and Harbor View Street, Dorchester

News coverage 
WCVB - "Pedestrian struck and killed by plow truck in Dorchester"
Boston Globe - "Pedestrian struck, killed by dump truck in Dorchester"

Present at Site Visit
Boston Transportation Department - Planning 
Boston Public Health Commission  

Photos from Site Visit 
IMG_4158.jpg IMG_4159.jpg IMG_4160.jpg IMG_4161.jpg IMG_4163.jpg IMG_4165.jpg IMG_4167.jpg IMG_4169.jpg IMG_4170.jpg IMG_4173.jpg


  • Look at signal timing for intersections at both sides on Dorchester Ave to see if it encourages trying to 'beat the light'
  • Bigger picture, look at snow clearance policies for city/agency properties. This crash was the day after a snowfall - were the sidewalks along the park uncleared and not passable, forcing people to walk in the street?
  • higher visibility crosswalk 
  • improve sight lines by daylighting the intersection (removing parking spaces that are within 20 feet of the intersection that limit visibility for people walking, biking and driving)
  • in-street yield to pedestrian sign

Improvements Completed 
Mayor Walsh announced during a February Vision Zero Press Conference that his father was hit by a car here in 2000.

As of 6/10/16, no changes have been made. Please send us photos/comments when you see changes so this page remains accurate.