Kneeland & Harrison Ave, Chinatown

Early February 1st, 2016, two people walking were hit in the intersection of Kneeland & Harrison Avenue in Chinatown: a 56-year-old man, Qi Lun Feng and a 48-year-old woman, Yue Yin Gong; the person driving, Xiao Ying Zhou, proceeded to drive onto 93 South while dragging Gong three miles from Chinatown to Dorchester. Zhou has been arrested; Yue Yin Gong was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. The Vision Zero Task Force visited the crash location on February 19th to make recommendations for any short and long term changes to the area that could improve safety.

Date of Crash
2/1/2016, approx. 1:40AM 

Date of Site Visit 

Kneeland and Harrison, Chinatown

News coverage 
UniversalHub - "Two pedestrians hit in Chinatown, one dragged three miles to Dorchester"
Boston Herald - "Woman fighting for her life after being hit by car, dragged"

Present at Site Visit
Boston Transportation Department - Planning 
Boston Police Department 
Boston Public Health Commission 

Photos from Site Visit 
IMG_4228.jpg IMG_4229.jpg IMG_4230.jpg IMG_4231.jpg IMG_4232.jpg light_copy.jpg  

Short term:

  • Utility work has taken place in the area without repainting of crosswalks or stop lines. Repaint everything.

Longer term:

  • Examine process of repainting after utility work. Who is responsible, contractor or Public Works? Is Public Works alerted when a contractor replaces part of a road that removes crosswalk and stop lines? If there is not a process, work with PWD to create one that ensures temporary striping is added in a timely manner - even if there are plans for future higher quality thermo. 

Improvements Completed 
As of 6/9/16, no changes have been made. Please send us photos/comments when you see changes so this page remains accurate.