Which Massachusetts cities have committed to Vision Zero?


The City of Boston committed to Vision Zero in March 2015.

"Mayor Walsh announced that the City of Boston will adopt Vision Zero, based on the premise that traffic fatalities are not accidents, but rather they are crashes that can be  prevented by effective policies and systematic evaluation, enforcement, engineering, education, and  community engagement.  By adopting Vision Zero, the City of Boston joins cities such as New York, San  Francisco, and Chicago, which have committed to making traffic safety a priority. Toward that end, Mayor Walsh has convened a Vision Zero Task Force to develop an action plan for a comprehensive and coordinated strategy to eliminate traffic fatalities and injuries in Boston." Learn more.

The City of Cambridge committed to Vision Zero in March 2016

"On March 21, 2016, the Cambridge City Council unanimously passed resolutions put forth by the City Manager to formally adopt Vision Zero and Complete Streets policies, showing that the City of Cambridge is committed to achieving these goals. Vision Zero calls for the elimination of fatalities and serious injuries resulting from traffic crashes, and emphasizes that they can and should be prevented. The City of Cambridge is the 17th city in the U.S. to commit to a Vision Zero policy." Learn more.

The City of Somerville committed to Vision Zero in September 2017

"Somerville strives to become the most walkable, bikeable, transit-friendly city in America, and if we’re going to get there, we must be bold, and we must bolster our dedication to safer streets.” – Mayor Joseph Curtatone. Learn more.