Bump for Walsh on city’s mean streets

May 18, 2017


“On behalf of those victims, we also ask that you apologize for the comments you made on the air,” read a letter from the Massachusetts Vision Zero Coalition to Walsh this week.

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Mayor Walsh Says Pedestrians, Cyclists Need to Take More Responsibility

May 16, 2017


Stacy Thompson, executive director of LivableStreets Alliance, said Walsh's comments conflict with the administration's Vision Zero goal, which aims to eliminate serious traffic crashes in the city by 2030.

“This is a step back," Thompson said.

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Mayor Walsh Says Bicyclists, Pedestrians Share Blame in Accidents

May 16, 2017


Andrew McFarland, the Community Engagement Manager of LivableStreets Alliance, said his organization, which partners with the Massachusetts Vision Zero Coalition, were “very shocked and disappointed with the Mayor's comments this afternoon.”

“They're victim-blaming,” McFarland wrote in an email to WGBH News, “and completely fly in the face us[sic] his administration's own policy, Vision Zero.”

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Fatal Pedestrian Crashes Up In Boston, According To City Report

May 10, 2017


The call for more investment in Vision Zero was also made in a report issued in December by the Massachusetts Vision Zero Coalition. That report said the city needed more money and staff in order to achieve its road safety goals.

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Boston Police need public's help tracking down hit-and-run driver who maimed cyclist Sunday

May 1, 2017


Safe streets advocate Andrew McFarland said the severity of the Sunday crash illustrates the city’s need for better protections for cyclists and pedestrians.

“Something we’ve been advocating for and the Vision Zero Coalition has been advocating for is stepping up response from the city,” said McFarland, of LivableStreets Alliance, a nonprofit that advocates for safety, access and enjoyable streets for all road users.

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Advocates Push Anew For Driver Ban on Handheld Devices

April 13, 2017


"We must make distracted driving socially unacceptable just as drunk driving is today," said Emily Stein.

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Steps being taken in Boston to curb crashes involving pedestrians

January 26, 2017


"We know that New York City is spending $13 per person on Vision Zero, San Francisco is spending $75 per person on Vision Zero, and Boston's per capita is three dollars."

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Boston Has Yet to Deliver on Big Promises to Eliminate Traffic Deaths

January 20, 2017


"The Vision Zero Coalition, which includes organizations like the LivableStreets Alliance, the Boston Cyclists Union, and Walk Boston, recently released a report calling on Walsh and the City Council to devote more resources to street redesign and staff up agencies like the DOT and Department of Public Works, address Boston’s traffic safety problem. Traffic fatalities in Boston fell last year, but there was a jump in pedestrian deaths, according to Andrew McFarland of the LivableStreets Alliance. The group estimates 15 pedestrians were killed within city limits in 2016, up from nine in 2015."

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Advocates: City's Traffic Plan Needs More Funding

December 8, 2016


“The bottom line is that the City of Boston needs to be allocating more resources and staffing to implementing Vision Zero if it is going to meet its 2030 goal."

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Report: Boston Needs More Resources To Achieve Vision Zero Goals

December 7, 2016


"Boston's initiative to eliminate traffic fatalities needs more funding and more proactive efforts to redesign crash 'hot spots' in the city, according to a new report by the Massachusetts Vision Zero Coalition."

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